(320) 235-2641 ... 624 Pacific Ave SW, Willmar

What types of products are offered with a food order?
Grains, Protein, Prepackaged Dinners, Fruit & Vegetables, Beverage, Snacks, Cooking items, Breads, Dairy and Frozen Meat

Who is eligible for services?
Anyone that is a resident of Kandiyohi County and needs food assistance.

How can I obtain services?
We have made it very simple to obtain assistance from Kandiyohi County Food Shelf. All you need to do is come and we will get you food. If shopping inside, you need to bring bags and boxes with you.

What do I need to bring with me when I come in?
Yourself or your proxy (someone that you authorize that can shop on your behalf such as a relative, neighbor, etc.). If shopping inside, you need to bring bags and boxes with you. 

What is the charge for the services?
There is no charge for our services, we are a non-profit agency and provide these services to those in need through the donations and support of the community and our business partners.

How long will it take when I come in?
In Person Shopping: normally takes between 15 and 20 minutes from the time that you arrive at the Kandiyohi County Food Shelf to the time that you leave with your groceries. 
Curbside:  5 minutes from the time you arrive and call us until you load your food in your vehicle

How often can I use Kandiyohi County Food Shelf services?
We are able to provide each of our shoppers with a food order 1 time a month, if needed.  We do have emergency boxes avaiilable if someone needs food more once a month.

What if I can't get to the Food Shelf when it's open?
You are able to assign a proxy to shop for you such as a friend, neighbor or relative if you are unable to get her during the hours we are open. 

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